Product Description

Product Description

What makes TANYO products special

1.We achieve a transparent effect by passing electricity through cloudy LCD film.
2.With total light transmittance of over 81%*1 and less than 4.1% haze*2, the transparency level of TANYO is considerably improved over similar products.
3.Because TANYO is film, it can be subject to bending work.
4.By virtue of being treated with special adhesive, TANYO is conducive to on-top application.
5.When combined with the use of projector footage, TANYO can present LCD TV-quality video.
6.Multiple TANYO film widths are available to correspond to onsite needs. (980mm or 1,200mm)
Total light transmittance is the value that expresses light transparency. The higher the value, the greater transparency is.
Haze is the value that expresses the degree of cloudiness. The lower the value, the greater transparency is.
Now available! Our newly-released TANYO-Gray

Characteristics according to product type

"Stick"-Type TANYO




It can be applied to existing glass surfaces, because TANYO is a film.


It can be worked with an unprecedented level of ease.

This type of TANYO can be applied to existing glass surfaces as is.

Using our proprietary technology, we took conventional functional LCD glass and made the LCD portion of that glass into a viable film product. This new film configuration makes it easier than ever before to introduce the use of functional LCD glass.

The new film configuration means unprecedented low cost and ease of introduction.

This product eliminates the need to incur costs associated with laminated glass. Our “Stick”-Type TANYO can be transformed into glass boasting a diversity of functions at little cost.

Laminated glass-type

Laminated glass-type
Can also be worked using non-glass resin plates

Glass thicknesses: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, etc.
Types: Float glass, Highly-transparent glass, Reinforced glass, etc.

Lasts for over ten years thanks to UV shielding

By performing contact bonding on TANYO using a special adhesive called “interlayer,” we gave it the ability to be used on outside-facing windows as well. (Treated at JIS-certified plant)

Boasts secure anti-crime and security properties

The shatterproof and anti-crime properties of TANYO have been effectively demonstrated through shot bag testing (JIS R 3205) and falling-ball testing (JIS B 1051).

Offers solid designability

By simply keeping the width of each side of the electrode area to 15mm, we’ve enabled TANYO to fit right into the inside of window sash fittings, making sure that the external appearance of the window is unaffected. (Backup electrodes can be acquired in pair quantities, such as a set for the top and bottom of the film.)

Makes glass work and electrical work a cinch
All you have to do is insert the glass and connect the lead wires and work is complete.

Glass is employed to protect TANYO film

The use of glass works to effectively protect TANYO from strong impact, thereby increasing the film’s longevity.

Provides advantages in terms of cleaning costs and sanitation

TANYO doesn’t require curtains or blinds, which keeps it dust-free and lets you save on cleaning costs.

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